High Precision Motors

High precision motors are used throughout industry to provide smooth and quiet rotation. From robotic exoskeletons to industrial actuation systems, high precision motors are increasingly in demand as a source of electrical power. HQW ball bearings provide the precision and performance this application demands. Low friction and noise levels, a lightweight and compact design, energy efficiency and a high life expectancy are all crucial requirements which can be met by the HQW product range.

HQW high precision motor bearings offer:

•  Optimised internal geometry and surface finish resulting in very low running friction and low noise and vibration properties.
•  Reliable performance, minimal maintenance requirements and longer life design.
•  Manufacture from a range of materials suitable for the application, including ceramic (silicon nitride) balls for increased wear resistance and resistance to electrical currents.
•  Designed to withstand heavy radial loads and moderate thrust loads in both directions.
•  High performance lubrication options and greased-for-life designs available.
•  Compatibility with high-temperature environments and high speed running.
•  Fully shielded and sealed versions of all bearings to prevent contamination ingress and contain lubrication.

Typical motor applications include:

•  Industrial automations and robotics
•  Industrial fans, blowers and pumps
•  Power tools and consumer products
•  Electric and hybrid vehicle applications
•  Aircraft and space vehicles
•  Medical and surgical equipment